Creative Nestlings a Portrait: Global Creative Collaborative Platforms



Creative Nestlings started in 2011 when the founders Dillion Phiri and Lunga Matea Phiri realized the absence of a common platform for young emerging creative in South Africa. Through their whish of Celebrating and Showcasing creativity, they started this Cape Town-based social network focussed on developing and connecting talents in the different creative industries.


Their motto „ Making Ideas happen“ allow them to feature local and international artists and collaborate on different projects, talks and event. The aim of this creative network is to wide its influence on the global scale allowing creative dialog and multiplication and highlight the role of creation in our societies.

Dillion claims: “We hope Creative Nestlings will be the platform that young creative go to with their ideas, nationally and all over the continent, both through our online platforms, as well as events, workshops and hopefully in the form of a physical spaces where young creative can create and make their ideas happen.“

In order to understand and show their exact profile we choose to make an Interview with the philanthropically driven couple.

What is your long-term purpose or wish for the art and the creative sphere? 

” Long term purpose to see creativity being recognised as a great problem solving tool. We work with the ultimate goal that the creative industry will one day have a strong footprint towards the local and global economy, and that it would one day to a first choice career option that guarantees financial security as much as the other career fields do.  We achieve this through multiple projects that cater for kids from age 16 to adults.“

How do you think that creativity can reach an impact on Cape Town’s every-day life?

“Creativity can be used as a tool to solve issues such as housing, education. The artsy side of it can be used as inspiration & way to look at life.“

What do you whish to achieve through your collaboration with the Humboldt journey?

„Whatever we do has to benefit the young creative people we work with. So we would our association with this project will have opportunities for more members in our network.   We will also be supporting the Humboldt journey in their projects wherever possible and creating links between them and the residents of Cape Town.“

In order to achieve their goals they installed an event series called #ConversationsOnCreativity where different creative get the possibility to connect and discover their collective impact.

In fact, creative Nestlings believes in the strength of creativity in the every day life of individuals. They also host a monthly Roundtable dedicated to the exchange of creative ideas and projects all around Cape Town. Creative Nestlings is a close partner for our container social space.

Through our collaboration we hope to achieve a societal reflexion on what it means to truly communicate and live in an urban space. This year we expect to make out of our dream a reality: make connections for and with Cape Town’s future creative frontrunners.

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And remember: „It is by acts and not by ideas that people live“ as Anatole France formulated!