I wish it would be like…


“Life is always a matter of expectations”, Horace said. So we start living and blogging with our drawn visions of the Humboldt Container as a social lab. Although we developed the idea of the social lab together, the expectations differ a lot. Fortunately, the interim solution leaves space for different projects and can be shaped in many ways. Take a look at our drawings. To be honest: with respect to our drawing skills it is pretty clear that we are still in our infancy.

Eva's vision


Eva never expected herself having such an autonomous, anarchic dream of a pulsating place where people come together and hang out to make and think things in new ways: “The social lab is a protected place where everything can be said and thought. It is a kind of a semipermeable membrane. I am curious and excited about the people we are going to meet and who I am going to have the first barbecue with.”

Catharina's vision


“I want the container to be vivid”, Catharina imagines. She expects a lot of events and projects taking place. Elements,  such as workshops and lectures, will  encourage participation. The container has opening hours every day. She sees a strong visual connection between South Africa and the Humboldt Container and wants to be inspired by South African inhabitants.